I code, therefore I am... nerdy

Obligatory First Post

I decided a few days ago that the world needs another blog. So here I am to give my random thoughts and opinions on programming and software architecture.

Anyway, my name is Mark Glenn and I am a senior software engineer at a non-profit organization. I currently work in the realm of .NET and starting to move into the Ruby on Rails market. Prior to this work, I was doing C/C++ work for the financial industry using high speed algorithms for automated trading. I also worked R&D at a cell phone company where I handled creating the software that would run on our prototypes. I’ve also created multiple open source projects, which I will link to in the future.

As you can tell, I have a very broad background in the software industry. I’ve done embedded, web, and high speed client/server applications. I’m hoping that this kind of knowledge base will help me differentiate my blog posts from the vast realm of other programming blogs. Probably won’t happen, but hopefully I can entertain and inform some people in the art of software design and programming.

Most of the topics here will be based around .NET, Ruby on Rails, and C/C++. I also hope to go into deeper subjects such as architecture, functional and object oriented programming, and code quality. Occasionally, I’ll talk about some of the projects that I’ll be working on and give some details in how I will implement things.

If you like, please follow me on twitter. I’ll let people know when I post here and you’ll get some random tidbits about what I’m doing or currently working on. You can also leave comments on here to let me know if something I wrote confuses you or to let me know I’m flat out wrong. I’m hoping to invoke some good discussions and I’m happy to take some criticism.

Also, as you can see, this site is a little plain. I’ll work on that in the future, but right now I want to work on the content.